Unmatched amenities that will provide you and your family with all the comfort you deserve. Solare Tower was designed for a new way to vacation in South Padre Island.

  • Front Desk
  • Automatic doors for entrance/exit
  • Automatic doors for entrance/exit
  • 840 sq-ft Fitness Center
  • 1260 sq-ft Game & Leisure Room
  • Children´s room
  • 2 elevators
  • 2 emergency stair well
  • Lobby Restrooms
  • Owner´s closet

Our Condominiums

Our 2,3 and 4 bedroom condominium options are the most spacious options of their type, there is a complete bathroom for each bedroom and our 4 bedroom condos even have an extra vanity which makes it perfect for entertaining. The open concept design of the social area also allows you to invite friends and family to have an amazing time comfortably. Another great option for larger families or entertaining purposes are our beautiful 4 bedroom, 2 level, 3,000 ft2 penthouses which are thoughtfully built in a way that you can have the social area divided from the bedroom area.

The features you will enjoy at Solare Tower Condominiums include state of the art and contemporary details in large units with some of the best floor plans in South Padre Island.

  • Living room
  • Dining with balcony access
  • Wireless internet
  • Master bedroom with full bathroom, double sink and walk-in-closet
  • Windows with certifications
  • Secondary bedroom have a full bath
  • Fully equipped kitchen with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances
  • Washer/Dryer

Solare has wide open spaces making us the largest property and there for the property with the lowest density on the island. One of the perks of our property´s dimensions is the amazing large space you can enjoy in front of the beach on our beach deck. Solare Tower owners and guests can enjoy 500ft of pure beachfront, one of the longest on the Island. Our beach deck provides a very unique space for it’s very close to the ocean and with a breathtaking view without being on the beach or the pool. This special place is wrapped in an ideal environment for Reading, sunset watching, and a chill out space to enjoy…. Simply magical.

Solare has no public accesses next to the property providing much privacy and safety to owners. Family and friends enjoy a much peaceful and relaxing time at the beach. (Nearby public access to the beach is found approximately 1km to the north and 1km to the south from the property).

Solare is the best place for family time, especially for kids due to the spacious property with its walking trails; it makes it amazing for them to play around freely. Solare has a special area full of fun for kids to enjoy a playground just for them.


Be exclusive, that’s when you take fun to another level! Solare offers an array of services just for you:

  • Maid service
  • Accommodate owners umbrellas and chairs at the beach
  • Take cooler from condo to the beach or pool
  • Saving and cleaning owners umbrella and beach chair
  • Car wash
  • Window cleaning
  • Food delivery to condo (Choose from restaurant’s menu)
  • Purchase groceries
  • Maintenance services (blind hanging, move furniture, TV installation, paint, etc)
  • Luggage carry
  • Patio cleaning